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Self Checker


MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, RNs, LPNs, and other healthcare professionals

We want to screen 1M Americans and need your help. From telemedicine visits, to testing follow up with the department of health, you can make a huge impact from the safety of your home.

Physicians & NPs

Physicians & NPs

MDs, DOs, NPs

Screen patients without life-threatening symptoms. Triage, facilitate testing and encourage isolation.

Social Determinants

Social Determinants

Social Workers

Help patients access food, medications and equipment needed to self-isolate and manage their condition from home.



Credentialing Coordinator

Credential new physicians. Verify current state licensure, and provide physicians with support.



Testing Coordinator

When a physician recommends testing, the testing coordinator will connect the patient with the appropriate state testing agencies.



Patient Recruitment Coordinator

Recruit new patients by building awareness online, and partnering with FQHCs throughout the country.



Dischcarge Coordinator

Follow up with patients who have been discharged from care to ensure the necessary follow up is completed.


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Frequently asked questions

There is no fee to patients for the initial encounter, nor is there a fee for monitoring throughout the 14-21 days.
No, we are not charging a patient's insurance. In fact, patients do not need health insurance in order to receive care through our program. The intent is to provide this program for those who have limited access to healthcare and limited payment methods.
We are still working this part out. Currently, the software platform is being donated by ImplementHIT, who will also cover all associated software hosting costs and platform support.

All the medical staff are contributing their time and expertise at pro bono. Dr. Jimenez, the CEO of ImplementHIT will aim to raise funds to support legal fees, and any other associated costs as the program grows. Due to timing and how rapidly COVID-19 is affecting the population, we do not want to wait to launch. People are dying every day, and grant funding has cycles for which we cannot afford to wait for at this time.
The patient first completes the self-check assessment online to begin the screening. If a patient has life threatening symptoms, they are immediately instructed to call 911.

Depending on the severity of a patient's symptoms, they may be instructed to contact either their Primary Care Provider (PCP) or see a provider now for free. After patients complete a brief enrollment form, they can either schedule a visit, or enter immediately our virtual waiting room. During the visit, the provider will discuss their symptoms. Afterwards, they will recommend whether to go to the ER, or their PCP, or testing with remote monitoring. A testing coordinator from our program will coordinate with the patient's state Department of Health for the testing.

The program (designated.health) will reach out to patients daily to collect important biometric data, and populate a dashboard reviewed by our clinical team daily. Patients will also receive access to online education about COVID-19, and other important topics related to self-care at home.
The goal of this program is to rapidly address significant inequalities and disparities with COVID-19 care for at-risk populations that have limited access to health care services.
This program accomplishes our goal by: Adding capacity to identify and isolate those who have COVID, who don’t need hospital care.

Adding capacity for contact tracing among patients who schedule tests, and whose test results come back positive.

Virtually mobilizing an army of medical volunteers willing and able to help with COVID-19.