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Students of medicine

Mentoring premed students from underserved areas

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Over 10 Years and hundreds of students later...


Over 10 Years

While in medical school, Dr. Jimenez developed the Students of Medicine program to provide guidance to premedical students from underserved areas. Over a decade and hundreds of students later, Dr. Jimenez remains personally involved with each phase of the program.



In high school, Dr Jimenez was told becoming a doctor would be too ambitious. With two older brothers pursuing medicine at the time, he was still able to access the guidance he needed to eventually reach the Ivy League in medical school. He developed this program to make sure those with dreams of medicine always had access to effective guidance.



A critical component of the program is building confidence in students in believing they can fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor one day. Through the virtual ER, and other components, students start picturing themselves in those shoes. We believe there is great power in that visualization.



Students learn about many topics covered in medical school. This includes normal and abnormal functioning of organ systems, prevention, and more. This way, they can begin taking an active role in supporting the health of their own households, where most of our students will be the first generation graduating high school or attending college.

Giving back

"My counselors in high school thought medical school was too ambitious for me ...I created the Students of Medicine program so students from any background can get the support they need to fulfill their dreams in medicine"


Dartmouth/Brown Med - Cornell MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership

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Students love the program!


Premed Student

HS for Medical Science
Bronxy, NY

“I liked the course…I liked the virtual ER, I thought it was nice to be able to help a patient. I also liked the lectures because I felt I was learning information I would learn in medical school.”

Rosana Concepcion

Couneslor, HS for Medical Science
Bronxy, NY

"The students have an opportunity to enhance their skills online, and practice hands on within the medical field like the Virtual ER, and gain motivation!"

William Quintana

Principal, HS for Medical Science
Bronxy, NY

"The program has been a great addition to our school, by giving our students first hand information on medical school, and being a great motivational tool"

Premed Student

HS for Medical Science
Bronxy, NY

“The course was very helpful. I was scared about the medical field, and didn’t know what to expect, but the course helps you in so many areas!”


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